DJI S1000+ RTF Cinematic 5D Edition

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The s1000+ provides the perfect platform for DLSR payloads like the Canon 5D . Built from carbon fiber the frame is extremly lightweight while retaining it’s strength allowing for smooth, stable flight and extended flight times. The arms of the S1000+ are foldable meaning its the perfect hexacopter be taken on set and where ever you go. In just a few minutes it can be transformed for filming. All this means the s1000+ is the most portable octocopter on the market. Retractable landing gear and low gimbal mounting point means you benefit from a full uninterrupted 360 degree field of view from the camera. The Cinematic 4K Edition is supplied complete with the zenmuse 5D HD gimbal. Utilising the radio technology that Futaba can provide we have used the Futaba 14SG to control the Cinematic Edition. Take full control over the aircraft with auxiliary switches for controlling flight modes, retractable landing gear, return to home features and much more.

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