DxO Optics Pro 8 Standard (PC/Mac)

Rigorous optical corrections
lens softness to sharpen your shots
light and contrast optimisation

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Enhance your photos thanks to the exceptional performance of DxO Optics Pro, the software of reference for all demanding photographers. DxO Optics Pro includes many powerful and automatic tools for processing RAW and JPEG images.

Features and functionality:

– Tailor-made corrections: DxO Optics Pro’s automatic corrections improve your photos by taking into account the specific camera and lens you used to take them.

– Lens corrections: DxO Optics Pro precisely corrects all optical defects that affect RAW and JPEG images, such as distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations, with an unrivaled level of quality.

– Lens softness: DxO Optics Pro’s exclusive Lens softness tool automatically improves the sharpness of your RAW and JPEG photos.

– Light and contrast: Reestablish the equilibrium between the dark and bright areas in your images.

– Exceptional denoising: DxO Optics Pro’s powerful denoising tool is designed to support all cameras, including yours, and automatically and efficiently eliminates the digital noise from your photos.

– Color management: Rediscover the brilliance of the colors in your images with DxO Optics Pro’s powerful correction tools.

– Geometrical corrections: Fix perspectives and straighten the horizons in your compositions, all while preserving the natural shapes and volumes of your subjects.

– Ergonomics: An easy and intuitive interface lets you quickly master DxO Optics Pro for greater productivity.

– Anti-dust: Get rid of specks on your photos caused by dust on your lens or sensor.

– DxO Smart Lighting: Easily lighten or darken your photos with a single slider.

– The most advanced RAW conversion: Push the limits of your camera for images shot at high ISO sensitivities or long exposures (> 2 seconds).

Rigorous optical corrections
lens softness to sharpen your shots
light and contrast optimisation
exceptional denoising to defy the shadows
raw conversion
colour management
geometrical corrections to restore natural shapes
dust removal
user-friendly interface.

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