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Advanced Monitor Calibration for photography enthusiasts and gamers
PANTONE hueyPRO was developed for the calibration and profiling of multi-monitor systems (LCD and CRT). Ideal system for advanced amateur photographers and gamers complete control of ambient light, white point and gamma want without having to deal in detail with theory and practice of color representation.

On the color that matters.
The colors in your images. The colors of your design. But it must of course first, the colors on your monitor. In photography, the color workflow is very important. Your colors must be order of A: from capture to processing to express Z in. What you see is, however, is only as accurate as your monitor. The color performance of your monitor changes over time. Phosphors and crystals fade and the colors are distorted. huey ™ PRO provides realistic your monitor colors restored. Whether you Gamen, shopping or in the processing of digital images for printing, distribution or just for show – the colors on your monitor just have to be right.

hueyPRO is an affordable, user-friendly system that offers comprehensive control and monitoring for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors (LCD and CRT). The package is equipped with a meter (only for output devices / displays suitable) with ambient light metering and user-friendly software. The hueyPRO contains the same powerful optical color sensors as the products of i1Display family. We will, therefore, the accurate screen colors, usually found only in true color professionals. In addition, the device can measure the ambient light in your workspace to perform a more precise monitor calibration. Even after calibrating the monitor hueyPRO your lighting conditions and correct the monitor under Inclusive of ambient light, so you always have an accurate screen display.

hueyPRO is the solution if you want to calibrate your multiple monitor system and in the consideration of

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